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A Petrol station over an area of 13,000 square meters is designed and under construction within DIG according to the latest international technical and constructional standards and requirements along with the upon agreed petroleum industry guidance and regulations of environmental procedures to avoid the potential impact of motor fuels where they are stored and dispensed to the public at petrol filling stations to soil, groundwater, surface waters and local air quality. The design is architecturally compatible with other activities to be found in DIGT.
The petrol station offers so much more than a full tank of gas, it is genuine convenience centers for mobility and transportation.
Over 12 pumps various types of Fuel will be provided at this petrol station the conventional fuels (gasoline (petrol) and diesel fuel), along with other alternative such as natural gas fuels, electric vehicle charging plug-in and others.
The station will contain automobile service station which will be providing the retail sales of motor fuel and oil for automobile vehicles; including grease racks, battery and ignition services, tire repair and sales, and other accessory sales, steam cleaning, automatic car washing and other services for automobiles.
The station will contain also nonautomotive sale facilities and services like a store-market, bistro – restaurant. Along with parking lots and green areas


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