Car Show Rooms

With the goal of creating the most innovative and customer friendly environments for Automotive dealers and their customers, an Automotive showrooms complex that stir the curiosity of its visitors as well as those driving by this new portal to the province of Duhok is planned and designed within DIGT. Both Duhok Province Authorities and Darin Ltd wished for an automotive showrooms complex diverging from the stereotypical and one that simultaneously would stand out as an architectural and industrial icon for Duhok Province.
Car showrooms need to be located on highly visible sites with good access to main transport routes and an eye-catching frontage.
Over of more than 72,000 square meters, 59 showrooms of 3 different sizes, spacious salons for car exposition and management office are designed and under construction with the model of shell construction which should be adaptable to the different specifications demanded by the manufacturers and clients. With a height of about 8 meters, in addition to the of wide roads to accommodate the momentum of traffic with wide sidewalks on both sides make those Showrooms unique and comfortable galleries. As well as, the complex will be providing other services of Car Wash, Restaurant, Cafeteria, and others.


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